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Candle With Benefits 2 in 1 (Massage + Scented)

Candle With Benefits 2 in 1 (Massage + Scented)

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Smells like sweet, refreshing, mood-lifting, sensual scents available in 4 variants.


  • Purifies air & spreads aroma.
  • Made with zero paraffin wax & toxins.
  • Lasts longer than regular candles.
  • Made with soy wax and skin-loving butter & oils.
  • Amazing massage oil when lit.


Made with the blend of soy wax, cocoa butter with shea butter and sweet almond oil, the candle with benefits with the aroma is a path to paradise. It spreads a refreshing and mood-lifting scent and also can be used as a warm, luxurious massage oil when lit.

It contains no toxins, paraffin and chemicals.


You can use it in two different ways.

As a scented candle: Light up and enjoy the scent lingering in your room.

As a massage candle: Light up the candle 15-20 minutes prior to the pampering session. When the oil is melting, blow the candle's light and either take the melted oil in a bowl or pour it from the candle directly (trust us, it won’t hurt). Then, massage gently or ask your partner for the same.

Key Ingredients: 100% Pure Soy wax, Organic Unrefined Cocoa butter, Sweet Almond oil, unrefined shea butter, NPOP Organic organ oil.

HOW TO USE: Light the massage candle for 5-10 minutes, until a small pool of oil forms on the surface. Blow out the flame and let the oil cool slightly. Test the oil temperature on your finger/palm before application. Gently pour the oil into your hand, or directly onto the body part desired. Massage the oil in with your fingertips, and get ready to heat things up.




Store in a cool and dry place away from direct heat. Keep it away from children of the age below 7 years. Keep it away from direct sunlight. You can repurpose the jar after use.


Expiry date: 23 may 2025

Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer: Parmatama Associate
Address: A21/20 Triveni Vihar yojna Ujjain MP 456010

Packer: Parmatama associate
A21/20 Triveni Vihar yojna Ujjain MP 456010

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