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Kaura India

Unicorn Whipped Soap ( Blueberry + Rose )

Unicorn Whipped Soap ( Blueberry + Rose )

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The Unicorn Whipped Soap by Kaura is a blend of cocoa butter, vegetable glycerine, a humectant that draws and retains the moisture into the skin.

  • Makes the skin super soft, nourished and supple.
  • Delivers natural hydration and makes the skin smoother.
  • Makes your skin shine with a warm sweet fragrance of mix fruit.


  • It is antioxidants rich and has minerals that speed up the healing process.
  • Removes the impurities from the pores and softens the skin.
  • Shea butter helps to prevent dryness, locks moisturisation and provides natural hydration to the skin.
  • Almond oil helps to improve the complexion and skin tone. It also treats dry skin and provides the required nourishment.


Jojoba Golden Oil,SCI, Sweet Almond Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter

Net quantity: 70g

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